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"Annie Dillard's Tale of Bohemian Love by the Sea." Weekend Edition Saturday, July 28, 2007. (Interview with Scott Simon.)

"Excerpt: 'The Maytrees: A Novel.' " NPR's Summer Books 2007, June 4, 2007.

"Dots in Blue Water." Morning Edition, January 6, 2005. (Reading a selection from For the Time Being.)

"A Writer's Writer on Her Work." (Chicago Tribune Lecture: November 4, 2001)

Harper's Magazine 150th Anniversary: 02/Annie Dillard. (May 25, 2000)

"An Evening with Annie Dillard." City Arts & Lectures, 29 April 1999. Web streaming: 54 minutes.

"An Evening with Annie Dillard." City Arts & Lectures, 30 April 1992. Web streaming: 87 minutes.

International Poetry Forum reading - February 26, 1975. Mp3: 42:37 - 1:03:22.

1966 pictures by Chris Knipp: 1, 2

"John Hersey Memorial Lecture," American Writers and the Natural World. Key West Literary Seminar, 11 January 1996.


"Tete a tete: Lunch with Annie Dillard" (1982)

"When the West Was New" (1992)

"A Pilgrim's Progress" (1992)
David Bowman's March 9, 1999 Salon article, "Brilliant Careers: Nature Girl," uses some of the quotes from the above interview, and one of Dillard's editors, Gary Fisketjon, wrote a letter to the editor regarding this article:

"While I enjoyed David Bowman's report on Annie Dillard (whose new book, For the Time Being, we have the pleasure of publishing), I feel obliged on grounds of accuracy to deconstruct his concluding paragraphs. When quoted as saying, 'Just because I'm religious doesn't mean I'm insane,' what Annie said was, 'Just because I'm religious doesn't mean I'm a saint.' Similarly, the New York Times Magazine has her claim, "I didn't know you were supposed to write on ceilings" instead of the more prosaic 'I didn't know you were supposed to write in scenes.' Still, your readers benefit from David Bowman's interesting piece and get a couple laughs in the bargain; not bad, and certainly not insane, either."
Interview with the Yale Herald (1996)

"Natural Wonders" (1999)

"Apparent Contradictions" (1999)

"Metaphysical Graffiti" (1999)

"Noted author 'just groping around in the dark' for answers" (2001)

"A Lesson in Killing Characters: Sara Nelson Talks with Annie Dillard." (2007)

"In Conversation with Annie Dillard"

"Annie Dillard's Tale of Bohemian Love by the Sea"

"Legendary Writer Retires: Dillard’s Done" (2007)

Excerpts from the books

"The Force That Drives the Flower" (chapter from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

"A Watcher of Things" (essay from Teaching a Stone to Talk)

"The Leg in the Christmas Stocking: What We Learned from Jokes" (from An American Childhood)

Chapter four of The Writing Life

"Mayakovsky in New York: A Found Poem" (poem from Mornings Like This)

From the first chapter of For the Time Being

First chapter of The Maytrees

Short writings

"First Taste of America"

"Foreword" to Unarmed But Dangerous by Hal Crowther

"Four Bits"

"My Favorite Historical Novel"

"The Nature Writer's Nature Writer"

"The Nazi Doctors" (letter to the editor)

"Taking Another Look at the Constitutional Blueprint"

"These farms witness the winds" (letter to the editor)

"This is the Life"